Pearl Essence - Spirals - 6g
Pearl Essence - Spirals - 6g

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DISCOUNTED - Minimum order 5 pairs - Mix & Match sizes & Colors - DISCOUNTED
The Color charts are the best we could do as an estimation of color -
Also refer to photos to get an Idea of how metallics & Transparent colors are effected
- Colors will vary slightly - (priced per pair)
Discontinued - WHILE SUPPLIES LAST - we will not have all colors and sizes (choose 10 pairs)

Item# Item Name Qty Add
PESP-6g-0024 P.E. Spirals - Color Request ? - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0001 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Blue (mbu) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0011 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Dark Turquoise (ttd) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0013 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Gold (gd) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0002 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Green (mgr) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0016 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Pearl (pr) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0018 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Pearl Dark Blue - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0003 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Red (mrd) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0021 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Silver Glitz (gsv) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0023 P.E. Spirals - Metallic Violet (vi) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0009 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Amber (BA) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0004 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Blue (bu) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0005 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Clear (cr) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0006 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Green (gr) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0007 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Purple (pu) - 4mm 6g
PESP-6g-0008 P.E. Spirals - Translucent Red (rd) - 4mm 6g
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